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Our Approach

Content delivery is our philosophy. Texas Defense360 maintains small groups during training to ensure the student receives the appropriate level of attention. As always, we are dedicated to the cause of arming all law-abiding citizens with the knowledge and means of self-protection.

Our Story

Texas Defense360 is owned and operated by veteran law enforcement professionals who specialize in a wide array of defense and protective solutions. With decades of experience, the services provided are reinforced with legitimate statistics in mind and actual, rather than perceived, crime trends and patterns which are utilized to best train and educate the customer how to mitigate various inherent risks.

Texas Defense360 was built from decades of professional and formal training from wide array of specializations which is why we based the emphasis of effort to training our clients in the same manner. Our belief is that every law-abiding citizen ought to be trained with the skills in self-protection and we are dedicated to training as many people as possible in an effort to turn the tides against those evildoers who are so willing to prey on others. Ultimately, it is our outlook that if you do not get training from Texas Defense360, get training somewhere!