It is our concept and end goal to see that every law abiding citizen is afforded the opportunity of self protection through training. At Texas Defense360 we keep the overhead low so we can keep training courses at a reasonable rate. Our mission is to arm good citizens with the knowledge and skills to fight the evil which seeks to prey upon us.

Knowledge & Experience

Our instructors are veteran law enforcement professionals with years of advanced training in firearms. These instructors are adept in converting and applying specialized training for law enforcement into programs which best fit into civilian applications.


We maintain a low-volume and slow paced operation. We believe in effective content delivery through focused communication and an emphasis on repetition. This is all achieved by keeping the class sizes small and taking the necessary time to properly teach the student.

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Basic AR-15 Training

If you are a proud new owner of an AR-15 or will be and are looking for some formal training to get you up to speed in the world of the AR-15 carbine platform, then you have come to the right place. This course will teach you exactly what you need to know to get you on the path to shooting like a pro. This is a slow-paced course designed to accommodate a new shooter for effective learning. Course sizes are kept small to ensure dedicated time for the student. Give us a shout to schedule this course.

Advanced AR-15 Training

Weather you’re a novice shooter or already shoot at least at an intermediate level, this course was designed for all shooter levels in mind. The structured curriculum will pick up where our AR-15 course leaves off and drives deeper into those topics. Course objectives will challenge the student and provide them with the knowledge to build on their skill sets for both efficient and tactical rifle operation.

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Course Inquiry

Our rates are adjusted by the number of students in a class. Send us a message using the contact button and let us know what you are looking for and someone will get back to you very soon.