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Texas License to Carry Course

If you are looking to schedule a Texas License to Carry course for a small group, we've got you covered. In the great State of Texas you must have a license to carry a handgun in a public setting and this begins with an LTC course through an authorized instructor. Our instructors are passionate about providing effective training and feel that every law abiding and responsible gun owner deserves such training. Texas Defense360 utilizes active law enforcement officers who are also firearms instructors certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. With years of experience and many unfortunate encounters with gun owners, these instructors will use real life examples to demonstrate common mistakes from many LTC holders.  As stated in various pages of this website, our outlook is not to pump out large numbers of students in any course, rather, to produce knowledge and proficiency. We will provide assistance to each LTC course participant to ensure their application process goes as seamless as possible.

LTC Supplemental Courses

Although these courses are not required by law, we offer them to those who wish to prepare for the LTC course and current LTC license holders who simply desire to do the responsible thing.

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LTC Prep

(Not required, though recommended)


LTC Refresher

(Not required, though recommended)