A Message to Our Customers...

We maintain a passion for teaching defense tactics and strategies in hopes that we can arm as many people as possible with the knowledge through training to keep themselves from becoming a statistic. To ensure we continue to provide customers with leading edge training, our instructors stay abreast of the latest trends in those tactics and methodologies which best accommodates threat defense aspects in conjunction with current societal factors. What this equates to is that our instructors attend continued tactics training and education on a regular basis. With this comes a financial obligation though one that we absolutely feel is critical. It is important that we demonstrate transparency in the justifications of our price scheduling so that our customers understand the basis of our price scheduling. Simply explained though with exhaustive measures to keep those costs as low as possible, our prices are scheduled as such to allow us to remain in business, provide the best training possible, and foster expansion so that we may be afforded the blessed opportunities of our endeavors!

Individual (One on One) Training


1 -2 Hours = $90 Per Hour

3 - 4 Hours = $70 Per Hour

5 - 8 Hours = $60 Per Hour

Single Day Group Courses (Per Person)

2           Students = $250 per student

3 - 4     Students = $225 per student

5 - 7     Students = $200 per student

8 - 10  Students = $175 per student

  • Single day courses run 8 - 10 hours
  • Military 10% discount on all firearms courses
  • Firearms course sizes are limited to 10 students for effective training