Texas Defense360 specializes in active threat scenario based training that is both engaging and emotionally driven. Whether you are a small business, a bank or even a large corporate office, we will design scenario training that will best suite your needs. From an irate customer to armed-robbery with multiple assailants, our scenario based training is effective in preparing the participant for a real incident.


No training can accurately replicate the effects on the human mind and body as that of an actual active threat situation, however, our scenarios are designed to elevate the heart rate and induce stress for the participants. Ultimately, the participant will be able to better understand how these types of stressful situations will affect them personally and provide them with insight to such an incident which will make them better prepared. We want this training to be as realistic as possible so we host these sessions at your location, meaning , we come to you! Contact us to schedule your next group training and join the thousands of employers who are taking a proactive approach to threat preparedness in the workplace.